The Scribbles
The Scribbles
Feb 26, 2023 - Mar 04, 2023
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

Embark on a journey to the ScribbleVerse with 999 Scribbles, where imperfection reigns and creativity knows no bounds. Each Scribble is a unique creation, with over 175+ hand-drawn traits contributing to their distinctive appearance. In this collection, you'll also discover 12 one-of-a-kind art pieces that are truly exceptional. What do Scribbles do for fun? Everything from drawing and coloring to scribbling to their heart's content. And when it comes to music, they love it all - especially the kind that goes la la la la la na na na na na. So why a Scribble? Because it represents the perfect life form, one that's not confined by any outlines or limitations. Join us on this exciting adventure and discover the limitless possibilities of the ScribbleVerse today!


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