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RiseAngle has been creating a groundbreaking metaverse of NFT games where you can embark on an exploration journey into an ever-expanding games’ space with engaging stories, mysteries, and secrets, collect various NFTs that unlock other game features and NFT possibilities, and immerse yourself in a first of its kind, virtuous, story-driven, fantasy, NFT games metaverse.
Stay tuned as we release more news about our NFT game metaverse in the coming months!

RiseAngle, Inc. is a developer and publisher of disruptive games that are super fun to play and morally upstanding. We believe immersive storytelling is in its infancy stage, and emerging technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and virtual reality have created a world of opportunities for innovation. We are excited to leverage those technologies to ensure that games of the future will be both super-fun and super-humane, the latter being an important mission absent from the agenda of many big players. We are inspired and dedicated to work on this mission and to shape the future of immersive games for the better.

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