AI Game Creator

Founded by a serial entrepreneur and benefiting from a rockstar team, RiseAngle is bringing the ultimate disruption to the game industry. By building a 1-click Game Creation Platform powered by Generative AI, RiseAngle will allow anyone to create games.

The generative AI revolution will transform game development to game creation. The future of gaming will belong to visionaries who are not bound by access to resources on how they envision their games. By truly democratizing game development, the RiseAngle platform will enable many gamers and even non-gamers to create their own games. Anyone will be able to make games based on their imagination.

Being a game developer and publisher with 5 games in the market and 400,000+ installs, RiseAngle realizes better than most the challenges professional game developers might go through to adapt with the new disruptions empowered by generative AI. RiseAngle’s platform will enable game developers to adjust to these incremental changes step by step, starting by prototyping and later by building fully-customized games.