Primitive World
Primitive World
Mar 21, 2023 - Mar 27, 2023
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

We're a collection of 3,333 already utility-enabled PFPs. 

Each Caveman & Cavewoman are generated from thousands of possible Traits, including Background, Clothing, Weapon, and more. 


Explanation of the Key Terms


Pfp's NFTs or profile picture NFTs are a unique form of digital art that has become increasingly popular in the NFT market. These NFTs are essentially a representation of a user's online identity, often displayed as a profile picture on social media platforms. With the rise of NFTs, Pfp's NFTs have gained value as collectors seek to own rare and unique representations of online identity. Pfp's NFTs can vary from simple pixel art designs to more elaborate 3D models, making them a versatile and exciting addition to any NFT collection. As the world becomes more digital, it's no surprise that Pfp's NFTs have gained a following, as they allow users to express their personality and identity in a new and creative way.


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