Gangs of Skate
Gangs of Skate
Dec 11, 2022 - Dec 17, 2022
Blockchain: Solana Solana

Gangs of Skate is a collection of 4900 NFTs on the Solana blockchain, designed with over 300 unique traits. There are several categories in the collection; humans, aliens, cyborgs and Ape. There are male and female characters. In addition there are 1/1 dedicated to the legends of skateboarding! We were inspired by the street life of the 80's 90's as the graphics deliberately recall classic games such as Final Fight by Neo Geo. From cult films like The Warriors contaminated by the grunge style of Lord of Dog Town. We love that period and have spent a lot of time developing this collection. But we didn't stop at this… in fact the concept has expanded in the development of a game! Creating a game map and game modes. The idea we are developing is that our NFTs can connect to the game and change their characteristics based on what we do in the game.


In our future there will be game development, Gangs of skate will have missions, races and battles. The idea is that the game can support both solitaire (PVE) and muti-player (PVP) game modes. The street life game with a focus on the skater world. To play you must have at least 3 NFTs in the collection to be able to form a "CREW". Once you have a crew you enter the game mode, each player will have their own account "The Cove" or Main Screen. The Cove is the place where a player finds their NFTs with their game stats, items, etc.

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