Zero Beings
Zero Beings
Aug 16, 2022 - Aug 23, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

With love from the first BTC city comes the #likespace collection of 10,000 unique spacemen housed in ETH. #educationproject #meta

About project

Space is the first utilitarian NFT initiative centered on human curiosity to go farther, hypothesize, research, and find the great secrets of the cosmos, and as a result of this, we will come into contact with the fourth kind, which consists of people who are specialists on the subject. In the same way, the goal of virtual reality is to make people feel like they are in space. Our work is archived on the Ethereum network within the OpenSea market, and it is made public via the atrium platform (NFT project with the primary focus on the marketing and implementation of other NFT initiatives). The first generation includes 10,000 tokens that are entirely one-of-a-kind and were produced by hand. Each token has a particular set of attributes, objects, classes, and utilities. The initial minting of 2,000 is in the works.

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