ViralataFunk Camarote Bonde
ViralataFunk Camarote Bonde
May 29, 2022 - Jun 05, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

When it comes to the ViralataFunk Camarote Bonde character, it's a turn of phrase with the renowned Brazilian cultural legend "o rei do camarote or the "king of the VIP area" in a broad translation," which is a mongrel, a street dog that is prevalent in the cities of Brazil and was lately the issue of debate on why it should be included in the R$200,00 bill.

Viralata @viralatabr_, which has 38k Instagram followers, 16.3k Twitter followers, 12.3k Telegram members, and 16k TikTok followers, seems to be the first and most popular Brazilian-for-Brazilians project in Brazil, focusing on remedies for small businesses and charitable organization innovation and has already made a donation of over $25,000 to animal charities and about $60,000 in a decentralized endowment on ETH. The project was started in connection with the community and creators behind Viralata.

Brazilian-themed memes and qualities make these the first of their kind in a fairly big (>212mi) country. We already have the backing of Brazil's largest crypto community, and we're probably the only ones who can accomplish it right now.

All the artwork is completely original and has not been copied from other well-known or well-known projects.

We think that because Neymar Jr., a well-known soccer player, recently bought a BAYC, there has been a big increase in interest in NFTs. This means that we could be the first ones to really get into the minds of Brazilian consumers, just like we did with Viralata. Our biggest distinction is that we don't even have to come up with new ideas. We were the first to enter this market, so we have the first-mover advantage, and no one else can really compete with us right now. For example, Americans can't really get Brazilians interested in crypto, and most Brazilians and Brazilian developers aren't interested in crypto yet.

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