Uncharted Reality
Uncharted Reality
Apr 24, 2023 - Apr 30, 2023
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

The Uncharted Reality collection is set to revolutionize the Metaverse scene by introducing a new set of islands. This project features a unique Own to Earn model, which ensures that all Island Deed Owners benefit. With a total supply of 888 and a price of 0.10 WL or 0.15 Public, the minting process will begin on 24 April, with the Whitelisted being given a head start of 24 hours. The project runs on the Ethereum network and has made significant strides in creating the Game client. Additionally, the team has received a two-year funding from Google, with partner islands such as Goblintown Island and Art Island already on board.

The Uncharted Reality Metaverse game focuses on Personal Development, Mindfulness, and Wellness, with virtual yoga being a prominent feature. The game boasts a personal virtual yoga assistant that players can summon in-game to unlock yoga sessions, available on both VR and the Gameclient. Certified mindfulness experts have designed mindfulness spots, while players can participate in exhilarating activities such as racing with jetskis, riding along the shores, going on a mountain bike tour or gliding along the shores on a SUP. The SUP board provides an exotic VR experience where players can train themselves.


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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a new type of digital asset that represent a unique item, such as a piece of art, music, or collectible. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind and is stored on a blockchain, which provides a secure and transparent record of ownership and transaction history. NFTs have become popular among artists and creators as a way to monetize their work and among collectors as a way to own a unique piece of digital art.


Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Ethereum's decentralized architecture ensures that no central authority controls it, and it enables developers to build secure, transparent, and tamper-proof applications. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a decentralized computing platform that executes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum's native cryptocurrency is Ether (ETH), which is used to pay for transaction fees and computational services on the network. Ethereum's innovative technology has made it a popular platform for blockchain-based crowdfunding and the creation of new cryptocurrency projects.


VR, also known as virtual reality, is a digital technology that allows users to enter a computer-generated simulation of the real world. The simulation can be experienced through a headset or other immersive devices, and users can interact with the virtual environment as if it were real. From playing games to exploring new places, VR offers a whole new level of experience and immersion.


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