Roo Mob Barber Shop
Roo Mob Barber Shop
May 25, 2022 - Jun 01, 2022
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

All of the characters in the Roo Mob Barbershop are based on approximately 180 distinct art qualities. Roo NFTs are all one-of-a-kind. Some Roos are extremely difficult to come by because of their unique genetic makeup. Community, mental health, and sustainable food production are all issues Roo Mob addresses in its efforts to empower its members. As a whole, the NFTs provide significant stories about the importance of nurturing one's growth, nurturing one's self-esteem, and protecting one's loved ones. A total of 9,999 new Roo Mob NFTs have been made possible. During our pre-sale, we can only mint a total of 999 Roos. Owners of pre-sale NFTs will receive additional incentives and goods, and they will form the core of the Mob. You'll be able to use your Roo NFT in our play-to-earn crypto game if you own a Roo NFT. You'll be able to print off your NFT creations and hang them on your walls if you so choose.

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