RAM Gen 2 NFT Membership - VIP Prebuy Now!
RAM Gen 2 NFT Membership - VIP Prebuy Now!
Jun 03, 2022 - Jun 10, 2022
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Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

13 Outstanding NFTs in One Bundle including Metaverse Utility and 3D NFTs! 

By owning and holding a RAM Gen 2 NFT, you will gain exclusive access to 12 amazing NFTs from 12 unique NFT collections, over a period of 12 months. RAM is also an NFT itself.  

RAM NFT is the gold standard of future NFT memberships


RiseAngle, Inc. Company and Team

RiseAngle, Inc. is a developer and publisher of disruptive games, incorporated in the US in 2016 with an office in California. RiseAngle has released 5 games including VR and AR games on 6 platforms so far with 300,000+ Installs. 

RiseaAngle has a rockstar team of developers and artists and the core team are fully doxxed. RiseAngle's founder, Kaveh Vahdat, is a serial entrepreneur and international speaker. 


Mint Information

Mint Date and Time: June 3, 8am PST

Super Limited Supply: 1,000

Public Mint Price: 0.15 ETH


VIP Prebuy Open

RAM Gen 2 VIP Prebuy has a discounted price of 0.11ETH and is a way to have a guaranteed pre-purchase of RAM Gen 2 which has super limited supply.

VIP Prebuy doesn't need grinding. It is well-suited for busy community members who have the funds right now, don't want to wait for the mint date, and want to pre-purchase RAM 2 for a discounted rate.

VIP Prebuy batches 1 and 2 sold out and we have a new batch open.

To prebuy, go to this URL and scroll down:


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