Ninja Warriors Private Token Sale
Ninja Warriors Private Token Sale
Feb 09, 2023 - Feb 15, 2023
Blockchain: Polygon Polygon

Ninja Warriors is a gaming platform that combines both mental and physical engagement through the use of NFTs. Players can collect and battle with these Ninja NFTs while also earning rewards for completing in-game tasks, competitions, and real-world exercises. Utilizing a collateralized stablecoin, the platform aims to provide a stable and rewarding experience for players, immune to market volatility.

As a P2E and M2E game, Ninja Warriors aims to keep players not just financially, but physically strong as well. Instead of buying NFT characters, players can subscribe to the platform and earn them for free. They can also earn more by buying NFT Ninja characters with $NWT.

The team behind Ninja Warriors is dedicated to creating an immersive, interactive and adventurous world for players to engage with. Players can expect to be challenged and rewarded based on their skills and abilities, rather than just spending money to win. The ultimate goal is to create an enjoyable and fun gaming experience for all players.

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