MetaFoxes: Helping Animals
MetaFoxes: Helping Animals
May 30, 2022 - Jun 06, 2022
Marketplace: PaintSwap PaintSwap
Blockchain: Fantom Fantom

MetaFoxes are foxes made on the Fantom blockchain that are digital, collectible, and really cute. With the help of FTM, you may buy or sell foxes and breed them to produce new foxes with unique characteristics.

Because we at MetaFoxes are opposed to fur farming, animal experimentation, and the exploitation of animals in entertainment, 10% of the revenues from each fox sale or breeding are donated to a charity. That charity is PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

First and foremost in our minds when we think of blockchain technology and especially the NFT, we tend to think about art markets or games. NFTs may also be used for charitable purposes, as the MetaFoxes project indicates, and ownership of NFTs in such initiatives serves as a certificate of gift. Animals and the environment may be saved when we work together.

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