Land of Clans's Marketplace Launch
Land of Clans's Marketplace Launch
Nov 16, 2022 - Nov 22, 2022
Blockchain: WAX WAX

The time has come for one of the most relevant and long-awaited news!

We're announcing the marketplace launch! Now you can fully enjoy playing the game with P2E mechanics!

How to deal with the marketplace?

1⃣ You have an opportunity to turn your buildings into NFTs.  To see which buildings can be converted to NFTs, go to the My Units tab. The mint price is 15 WAX

2⃣ Once you have converted your building into NFT, you should be able to find it in:- My NFTs tab along with the completed transaction- Your Wax Wallet- Atomic Hub inventoryCheck it out!

3⃣ Next, you can place a sell order on Atomic Hub

4⃣ Or return the building back to your Land - Land it. That means, converting the NFT back into a game object.


The number of buildings of the same type that you can build on your Land is limited. Turning a building into NFT or selling it does not free the place for a new same building in the Shop. At the same time, you can place purchased buildings unlimitedly!

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