Humania SEASON 2
Humania SEASON 2
Jun 02, 2023 - Jun 08, 2023
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

Centuries ago, within the enchanting realm of Humania, a majestic spectacle unfolded across the heavens. In this mystical land, the skies danced with a captivating hue of resplendent purple, casting a radiant glow upon the world below. The Humanians, an ancient and revered nation, were known not only for their profound wisdom but also for their profound connection to both their diverse community and the bountiful natural surroundings that embraced them.

This deep bond forged among the Humanians enabled them to perceive the ethereal occurrence that transpired once every three billion years. As the celestial portal materialized, magical orbs descended from the celestial abyss, cascading gracefully towards the awaiting land. The Humanians, captivated by the celestial spectacle, sensed an ineffable surge of power coursing through their beings, for they understood that these celestial orbs held within them an extraordinary energy, waiting to be discovered and harnessed for the greater good of all Humania.

Eager with anticipation, the Humanians watched as the luminous purple sky foretold of the imminent arrival of the mystical orbs upon their island sanctuary. They yearned to unveil the enigmatic secrets veiled within these orbs and to unlock their latent powers, an ancient lore whispered that these very orbs would ultimately transform into mesmerizing Humanian PFPs, forever honoring the indomitable spirit and wondrous unity of the Humanian nation.


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