Green Land Metaverse Avatars
Green Land Metaverse Avatars
Sep 15, 2022 - Sep 22, 2022
Marketplace: CNFT CNFT
Blockchain: Cardano Cardano

Green Land Metaverse Avatars SALE is a project developed by a German team with the aim of creating a Metaverse that promotes environmental sustainability. With the advent of smart contracts on Cardano, the team saw an opportunity to create a platform that raises awareness about the importance of preserving the planet. The project seeks to not only develop a green energy Metaverse but also to donate a portion of the proceeds to advance the field in the real world. Through this project, the team hopes to inspire younger generations to take action towards environmental conservation and protection. Join the Green Land Metaverse Avatars SALE and be part of the movement towards a greener future.


Explanation of the Key Terms


Metaverse is a virtual world that exists parallel to the physical world. The concept of the metaverse has been popularized in science fiction and is now becoming a reality with the rise of blockchain technology. The metaverse is expected to revolutionize the way we interact with each other and with digital content.


Cardano is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to provide a more efficient and secure way of executing smart contracts. Cardano uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which is more energy-efficient than the proof-of-work mechanism used by Bitcoin. Cardano is becoming an increasingly popular platform for creating decentralized applications and NFTs.


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