Femme Lords of Outpost 9 Citizen Mint
Femme Lords of Outpost 9 Citizen Mint
Jul 01, 2022 - Jul 08, 2022
Marketplace: Solsea Solsea
Blockchain: Solana Solana

Describe a venture that combines the words "sexy," "futuristic," and "creative." There is no place like Outpost 9, and the women there are the rulers. This isn't the same old NFT that everyone else has seen a million times. A group of forward-thinking innovators who have already implemented most of their roadmap would love to have you join them. The digital collectable Femme Lords of Outpost 9 cast is a diverse and powerful group of women from the future. The Solana blockchain is home to 5,000 citizens, each of whom possesses a unique combination of more than 300 qualities.

To be a citizen is to have a chance of owning one of just fifty unique Femme Lords, each of which was created by hand. In exchange for joining our group, you will be granted access to our exclusive area of The Sandbox, where we will be hosting special events and activities. Some of our characters even have their own Voxel avatars that they utilize in-game. In addition to our $POLIS stake, $SOL gifts, $SAND stake, events, contests, merchandise, and competitions, you also obtain voting rights in Star Atlas. Our concept is extremely valuable and practical since 42 million $COG tokens were issued on the Solana blockchain. Moreover, you'll be welcomed into a group of highly experienced business people who may share their insights with you. Lastly, the initiative has promised to give a portion of the money made from selling each NFT to help the Himalayan craftswomen in Kathmandu, Nepal, make a living and to support the work of the non-profit Orangutan Foundation International to protect newborn orangutans and their rainforest home.

Shortly after we finish with the mint, we'll also start making games. Galaxy Titans and Wingrunners are under development right now. If you want to win some cool prizes, you'd better be one of the first 1,000 people in the community to get whitelisted when the project announces its inaugural contest. Whitelist participants will receive free NFTs, $SOL, and $COG coins in exchange for doing a few easy tasks and helping us out in other ways. Don't be left out, and sign up right away!

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