Dragoverse NFT
Dragoverse NFT
May 27, 2022 - Jun 03, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

There are 10,000 animated NFTs in the Dragoverse (DRGV) (The Metagons!). On the Ethereum blockchain, they are kept as ERC-721 tokens. IPFS stores all photos safely and permanently. Each Metagon is a one-off. The collection is entirely unique and devoid of any duplication.

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Join us as a trainer and embark on a fascinating journey!

Trainers and NFT aficionados can make new friends and acquaintances.

Find out about all the perks of being a member and participating in community events like giveaways.

Learn about our long-term vision by checking out our Roadmap.

The world of cross-platform gaming is waiting for you.

Make offers, or trade your Dragoverse NFTs.


10% ➞ First free NFTs.

25% ➞ Second Giveaway and NFT Promotional Campaign.

40% ➞ The first game is now being developed!

50% ➞ DRGV Token is now available for trading.

75% ➞ Getting started with staking.

100% ➞ Breeding, evolution, and other topics!

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