Jan 26, 2023 - Feb 01, 2023
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DEVA is the first NFT project aims to bridge Web2 to Web3 to explore space. We came up with the idea to implement both Play2Earn and Learn2Earn mechanics into one ecosystem to become a game changer!


🦾 Team


We are “Technion Group”, a high-tech Israeli engineering company, specialized in building Boeing, Airbus and Cessna flight simulators. Our simulators allow thousands of people worldwide to get away from the reality and feel what real flight is.

Following our extensive experience with flight simulators, we’ve decided to run new ambitious project with Web2 and Web3 components!


🚀 Ecosystem


DEVA Ecosystem will be presented by following key elements:

Spaceship simulators centers

DEVA NFT collections


DEVA SPACE University

DEVA P2E Game & DEVAverse


🛰️ Utilities


DEVA Spaceship simulators royalty beneficiary options

Access to DEVA SPACE University & DEVAverse with 2Earn opportunities

Special platform composed of WL & NFT giveaways, NFT analytics tools & alpha calls, research upcoming NFT projects, Crypto & NFT news.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center trip fully funded by DEVA (for contest winner)

Staking platforms

DEVA Merch lifetime discount membership. Every holder of DEVA NFT will have a 20 % discount for our exclusive merch and products.

Become a part of strong community that loves everything about space

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