Degen Dance Club - Magnetism
Degen Dance Club - Magnetism
Dec 01, 2022 - Dec 07, 2022
Blockchain: Polygon Polygon

Degen Dance Club will be the first ever Music NFT project to launch with T&C's on-chain, marking a new beginning for IP ownership in Web3. Founded by multi-platinum musician Michael Antoniou.

We are onboarding the next generation of Music NFT creators and collections buy building tools to support the utility we offer. This includes:- Generative Music Launchpad - Dance Music A.I (Mid-Journey / Dall E of Dance Music) - Creator tools for all levels - Decentralised music library - Decentralised sample library - PFP’s 

Built by well established doxxed teams: - Michael Antoniou (Founder)- Monax Labs / Aspen (Smart contract development)- Mintwerx (Web design, strategy, UI / UX development)- Delphos A.I (Generative music integration, Artificial Intelligence)

Collect, create and collaborate with us. Find out how to secure your place on the WL by joining our Discord today!

Wen mint: 1st December 2022OG WL: 0.025 ETHWL: 0.04 ETHPublic: 0.05 ETH

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