Archangels NFT
Archangels NFT
Dec 23, 2022 - Dec 29, 2022
Blockchain: Polygon Polygon

The 7 Archangels NFTs are an exclusive collection of 539 unique NFTs, inspired by the end of duality and intolerance. As a collector, you will own a piece of diversity celebrated through acid and amusing artwork. Each purchase comes with the added benefit of automatic Whitelist access to the next TikTakToken project. If you own one NFT of each of the 7 or more NFT Archangels, you will receive an exclusive God of the Metaverse unit in February 2023, providing you with Whitelist access to future tiktaktoken projects and discounts. Visit our gallery in Spatial to experience our NFTs in VR and join the tiktaktoken family to participate in future promotions, such as whitelists and airdrops.


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