50Th Floor P2E NFT Game
50Th Floor P2E NFT Game
Oct 31, 2022 - Nov 06, 2022

The 50th Floor is the first of NFT Dating Game in the Metaverse which is Free-To-Play!

The goal is to create a metaverse social platform where people can actually meet and date & earn with NFT's. Rent out your room/NFT to earn passive income.

Every time someone rents your room(s) you charge them a pre-set amount of BNB/BUSD per rented hour, which you will receive in your wallet!


✅Free-To-Play Forever!

✅Next Generation VR Technology

✅First NFT Dating Game in the web3 Space

✅Joint publicity of world-renowned communities

✅NFT is rentable based on our Peer-to-Peer earning model


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