Wrapped Hotels
Wrapped Hotels
Apr 28, 2022 - May 05, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

WHY DO HOTELS GET COVERED IN PVC? Rooms, lounges, and reception desks are all included in the Wrapped Hotels collection, which includes 10,000 distinct hotel rooms. 

- There are around 95% of rooms available, with the remaining 5% going to restaurants and reception desks. 

- Our creative team used over 50 distinct furniture types to produce the rooms' unique look. Depending on the purpose of the area, each piece of furniture has a certain role to play. Each piece of furniture has a rarity score, which affects both the price of your home and the rate at which it is redistributed. 

- Given that a Wrapped Hotels NFT is an ownership document for its Metaverse counterpart room, the person who owns a Wrapped Hotels NFT also holds ownership rights to that room's equivalent in the Sandbox Metaverse. One of the primary goals of Economics Wrapped Hotels is to provide its owners with a genuine asset and a passive income stream. 

- The Sandbox plot, which was crowdfunded through the sale, is the first item of value we have to give. Because an NFT in the Wrapped Hotels collection may be regarded as a fragment of land (1/10,000 of a plot), the trend toward Sandbox plots can have a direct impact on room prices.

- Our approach, which is based on the fractional ownership sector, allows you to participate actively in the Metaverse. In phase 3, owners will be able to utilize the Sandbox Metaverse to make money off their virtual property through a variety of means, including concerts, meetings, museums, and private DJ sets. The sky's the limit in the Metaverse.

- Holders of Wrapped Rooms NFTs will get 8% of secondary market royalty payments till that time. This is based on the function of the room type and the rarity ratings of the properties held by the holder. This output is multiplied by the color attribute of the walls, which symbolizes the tower in which your room is located. In the end, having a lot of rooms in one building increases the return on investment, which in turn increases liquidity and trading volume because the keys to the rooms are made public by the exchange.

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