Wonder Women
Wonder Women
May 22, 2022 - May 29, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

Here are the official specifics of our future groundbreaking all-female release, which will be called Wonder Women! This part features 222 female artists, celebrities, influencers, and CEOs from 43 different countries who are promoting a collection that is centred on empowering women, bridging the gender gap, and generating money for charitable causes.

Fifty percent of the profit from the minting will be donated to a variety of women-led charities, schools and given as grants/scholarships to women’s empowerment communities and organizations. Furthermore, 11% of the profits will be divided equally among the 222 female artists chosen to be a part of this historic collection.

You should feel proud of yourself for supporting and being a part of something like this collection and this historic movement.

Here are the specifics of the drop:

  • The drop will take place on Sunday, May 22 at 6 p.m. UTC, 2 p.m. EST, and 11 a.m. PST.
  • Total items in collection: 2,222
  • 150 Here are some of the original pieces of art that were sent in by women artists.
  • 222 uncommon - the original image that was uploaded, included 222 all-female mosaics that were finished in the backdrop.
  • 1,850 empowering – a random GIF montage of three artists was selected from the 222 artists who were listed.

Open market purchase with a starting price of 0.122 ETH per NFT.

Prior to the launch of the public sale, people on the equality list, members of the artistic community, and women in the cryptocurrency industry will have access to mint.

The minting URL will be shared inside the Women of Crypto Discord channel and sent to the artists and equality list members twenty-four hours before the tokens are offered for sale to the general public.

You are allowed up to 5 NFTs per transaction. However, you have a limitless NFT total in your wallet.

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