We Are One
We Are One
Apr 30, 2022 - May 07, 2022
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

We Are One is a group of 7,117 dynamic abstract characters that make up an NFT Project that strives to bring people from all over the globe together to live life to the fullest and embrace all of its values, regardless of age, nationality, or culture. The goal is to create a cultural melting pot inside our community, centered on our Discord Server and regular community activities up to launch, and then around our own Sandbox Metaverse WAO Clubhouse after launch. Arcades, lounge areas, a non-monetary casino, art galleries, sports grounds, activities for everybody, and much more will be available at the Clubhouse. Keep a lookout on our Discord for sneak peeks at the clubhouse, which is currently being developed.

Along with this bright future, we also want to promote goodwill by contributing a percentage of our profits to charities that aid impoverished children, support homelessness, and suicide prevention, as well as the Ukrainian Red Cross in light of the current situation. Too many initiatives are only focused on selling out, and as a result, they frequently lose momentum and the important community that they have developed over the previous few months. As a result, we will enable our community of owners to vote on significant project choices like what we should be doing in the clubhouse to guarantee it is always a location you guys would like to spend time with other members, and so on. It is absolutely conceivable for you to arrange a unique community event, a party, a charity benefit, or just want a change of games or format. 


There is ongoing violence and poverty around the world, as I'm sure you've witnessed on any news station in the last few years.

We at WAO believe that people from all over the globe deserve an international community that embraces all cultures, faiths, and individuals for who they are and who they aspire to be. WAO provides precisely that; we are a community-driven initiative that, after Mint, will be run by the community, with the team only serving as facilitators, orchestrating what you want from the lovely community we will have established by then. (edited)

What Services Does the Project Have to Offer?

The Metaverse Clubhouse of the We Are One Sandbox

- An area inside The Sandbox Metaverse (currently suggested as 3x3 but subject to change if necessary) will be acquired and used to house a WAO Clubhouse that includes an arcade, games area, a fun ride and sports grounds, as well as non-monetary casinos and a holders' art gallery. All members are welcome to come and relax here. 

Recurring Revenue Distribution

- The initial minters will receive -5 percent of the recurring monthly open sea earnings (by logging into our website, miners will be able to obtain their monthly earnings from OS.)

- 5% of the recurring monthly open sea earnings will be distributed to present owners (after logging into our website and connecting their wallet, holders will be able to receive their earnings).

- For non-members, a day ticket to the WAO Clubhouse costs $2.5 equivalent. WAO NFT investors receive all of the company's profits equally every month. (Holders' budgets can be accommodated by adjusting the fee charged.)

- Minters and Holders will each receive 5% of the profits from any future brand collaborations.

Holders Enjoy Special Perks 

- Having a We Are One NFT will put you on the "White-List" for all of our future initiatives, and you will receive reduced discounts.

- An exclusive discussion room for discussing current and future NFT initiatives, with an emphasis on investments, is available to holders. An Experienced Caller Channel and a Calls Channel will be established; accurate and consistent good calls will lead to promotion and access to the Experienced Caller Channel and financial incentives.

- The Holders will be able to obtain exclusive merchandise in the form of drops. You must have a WAO NFT at the moment of the drop to purchase the products.

- Sandbox Metaverse holders will be split evenly if the Clubhouse within the Sandbox Metaverse is ever sold (this will only happen if 51% of holders vote for it). In other words, this means that the Clubhouse is actually a place for everyone to come together.

WAO ERC-20 Tokens

For every NFT that you mint, you will receive 10 WAO tokens (ERC-20 Tokens). Minters will get 71,170 tokens, while the remaining 28,830 tokens are set aside for future promotional purposes. The overall quantity of WAO tokens will never exceed 100,000.

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