Tiny Troubles - Life on a Stick
Tiny Troubles - Life on a Stick
Aug 08, 2022 - Aug 15, 2022
Blockchain: Polygon Polygon

Throughout his life, Tiny rode around on a stick.

So far, that was the only thing he could rely on.

In the end, he is confident enough to move into an encrypted environment. Tiny has lost his skin and is nearing the end of his transformation. The time has come for him to tell the world about his problems. Tiny is poised to take on the world in a less vulnerable and more secure decentralized environment.

In his debut collection, he will be displaying some of his most authentic selves. Buyers become Troublemakers, gaining access to future drops and things that are only available to Troublemakers.

Sign up for the chain's good effects.

20% of the profits will be used to support organizations and plant trees in the real world.

4,000 distinct PFPs.

A set of 4K 3D Jpegs.

August 08, 2022

As a force for good, Tiny Troubles uses Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to assist sustainability. We're making our way into the NFT space to wreak havoc. At Tiny Troubles, we are dedicated to creating high-quality, collectible, and climate-positive NFTs for the general public. In the long term, we believe Web3 will be an unstoppable force. In order to feed the desired future, Tiny Troubles has set out to do so. Let's nourish and grow a better future together.

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