The Mutant Presidents
The Mutant Presidents
May 02, 2022 - May 09, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

The world's most powerful countries have been decimated by radiation, DNA warfare, climatic collapse, and species extinction 1,000 years down the line. It has been overseen by an immortal AI with the goal of bringing humans back to the Earth.

Life and countries reappear, altered through mutation, genetic redesign, and surgical alteration in order to survive the noxious hellscape that formerly existed. Immortal AI has revived these Presidents of the New States of Mutant America, and Qi Zero has depicted them as a living artwork. The end of humanity and the rise of the immortal robots that re-engineered life on this planet are the main points of this bigger story, which is being shown through art.

Images in this collection were made using a novel collaborative technique devised by the artist that combines machine learning models in conjunction with each other to enable more precise creative direction and the development of 3D material.

46 1-of-1, single issue Signature Edition live paintings with gold leaf style borders and the "QiØ" emblem signature in the corner are included in the premium edition.

An ultra high-definition monitor (UHD) is required to see the Signature Edition NFTs. The new Looking Glass Factory Portrait holographic displays can show art in 3D on these holographic displays, but they also have unlockable content that will let the collection be seen on displays that haven't yet been made commercially available.

Non-moving variations will also be included in the collection, minted with a limited supply of 100 for collectors and merchants. In addition to the 2048 x 3072 pixel resolution, these images do not include motion or depth data.

On May 2, 2022, the collection will be available for purchase.

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