Sweet Apocalypse
Sweet Apocalypse
Aug 05, 2022 - Aug 12, 2022
Blockchain: Solana Solana

You have arrived at Sweet Apocalypse, welcome.

In this game, cute little animals fight each other, gather resources, harvest crops, and build homes for themselves.

Players frequently form teams in an effort to complete more challenging and lucrative tasks. This story has its own economy, complete with a variety of opportunities to earn money, buy and sell goods, and make financial transactions. The participants are the ones that own the assets, and they all contribute to the ecology of the project in their own unique ways.

Utilization of the ability earns one a high rank as well as more resources.

We are a project located in Solana, and the majority of our ideas are still in the conceptualization stage at this point. Sugargames GmbH is a Start-up that consists of three persons and is located in Berlin. The company's name is Sugargames GmbH.

We won't guarantee the moon or that we'll be huge, but we will deliver a growth rate that is consistent and reliable.

Our artist hailing, from Hamburg, who holds a degree in art and has worked in the video game business for a considerable amount of time, is responsible for the hand-drawing of all the characteristics.

The game's characters will have a cartoony appearance, just like our art has a cartoony aesthetic. The plot is similar to what is described in the provided title: an apocalypse has taken place, and in order for us not to be terrified and anxious about the reality of the situation, we will work to improve our lives in a variety of ways. Join us on our voyage and let's have some pleasant times.

Doxxing has been performed on the Team on the website located at https://www.alpha-verifi.com/projects/sweet-apocalypse as well as evaluated by https://app.radrugs.io/

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