SunnyDollCNFT Series
SunnyDollCNFT Series
May 08, 2022 - May 15, 2022
Marketplace: CNFT CNFT
Blockchain: Cardano Cardano

SunnyDollCNFT is a teru teru bozu, or weather doll, series of CNFT collections developed and influenced by Japanese culture. To bring nice weather to Japan, and of course, good news for the Cardano, they are employed. Despite its differences from the original Sunny Doll, our SunnyDollCNFT is here to wish and provide hope to the community. We'll contribute the profit from Season 1 SunnyDollCNFT to the charity that reaches out to us so that they, too, can have hope! Currently, we are working with one flood relief organization in Southeast Asia, one research foundation in Southeast Asia, and one autism patient relief organization in Europe.

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