Starlight - The Universe on Cardano
Starlight - The Universe on Cardano
Jul 04, 2022 - Jul 11, 2022
Marketplace: CNFT CNFT
Blockchain: Cardano Cardano

We welcome you as the future of the Metaverse.

Each planet in the Starlight cosmos on the Cardano Blockchain has one overarching goal: to outlive the limitless ages to come.

Landowners on a planet can vote for delegates who will work to develop the planet's resources, break through technical hurdles, and advance civilization. In Starlight, you are given a second chance at happiness.

The initial mint of 1,000 Planet CNFTs uses WL spot for just 250 of them. To learn more, check out the litepaper we have posted online. The greater the rate of production, the greater the value of a planet.

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