Smart Chain Maritime Society
Smart Chain Maritime Society
Sep 02, 2022 - Sep 08, 2022

A collection of 4,960 Hand-drawn NFT’s based on how analysers compare Bitcoin network entities (BTC Holders) according to their holdings and divide them into eight separate groups, each titled after marine species; Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Fish, Dolphin, Shark, Whale and Humpback with unique trait categories consisting of Background, Species, Skins, Eyes, Mouths, Body and Head Props.

There are 12 unique drawings in the collection, with only 6 Humpbacks, these are all 1:1 unique designs, There are also 6 custom mythological creatures.

The vast majority of the funds will be set aside for the BNB Growth Fund, around 420 BNB (69.41% at WL Price) will be utilised in single asset staking pools such as CAKE, BANANA, POTS and BNB, The rewards from these funds will be split mainly to fund NFT airdrops to holders, these will be random with the exception of all 1:1’s to be guaranteed an airdrop. The NFT’s may be minted or purchased from the secondary market and draws will be weekly.

The Mariners Wallet will be to benefit the holders via raffles, competitions and host the community “NFT Treasure Chest” these will be the bluechips of the BNBChain, many of which can offer direct benefits to our holders, such as Education, Rewards, Discounts or WL Spots.

Breakdown of Mint Allocation (Based on WL Price of 0.122 BNB):

Mint will take place on and

Pre Sale – 0.122 BNB

Public Sale – 0.16 BNB

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