Reptilian Kingdom
Reptilian Kingdom
Apr 30, 2022 - May 07, 2022
Marketplace: Solsea Solsea
Blockchain: Solana Solana

The Solana blockchain is home to a group known as the Reptilians, which is made up of 6,666 NFTs. Over 150 attributes are used to create each unique Reptilian, including some extremely uncommon 1/1s with features seen nowhere else in the world.

In the distant past, we Reptilians began the process of conquering the galaxy. When our spaceship slammed onto the surface of the Earth, it seemed like a piece of cake. We morphed into human-like forms. We made an effort to study their customs and dialect. Furthermore, we are now able to disclose ourselves to humans and carry on with the work we began some two millennia ago.

Because of the rarity of Reptilian specimens, you're not just purchasing a piece of art. If you join now, you'll reap the rewards later on. Your reptilian can become your true self. You'll have a number of new options accessible to you thanks to these Reptilians.

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