R3HAB & Laidback Luke genesis drop - NFTs
R3HAB & Laidback Luke genesis drop - NFTs
Aug 19, 2022 - Aug 26, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

Investing in top-tier tracks on the Anotherblock music NFT marketplace gives you access to special perks. By embarking on this exciting path, you can become a catalog holder and start your own record company.

We will be starting on August 19 with a brand-new single by the EDM titans R3HAB & Laidback Luke, who are working together for the very first time to create the song. Together, they have 23 million monthly listeners. Join our Discord to keep up with the latest developments!

People should have ownership of the music they listen to.

How does Anotherblock actually function?

Step 1: Buy an NFT that gives you ownership of a song.

Step 2: You will be paid royalties each time your music is streamed.

Step 3: Build up your fortune while expanding your NFT music collection.

Our server comes with a variety of advantages and bonuses, including the following:...

  • A network of investors with similar values and perspectives is expanding.
  • Help is available around the clock from courteous and engaged staff members.
  • Prospects for employment in a sector that is rapidly expanding and undergoing change.
  • Sociable community members with whom to converse and pass the time.
  • Exclusive early access to our game-changing new platform.
  • Get on the whitelist for amazing drops crafted by artists with a worldwide reputation.
  • Participating in our bounty program will allow you to earn money and NFT airdrops. 

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