Dec 13, 2022 - Dec 19, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

OpenMinds is a collection of 7,777 unique hand-crafted digital art pieces bringing the creators of Web3 together.

We’re creating a “private club” for creatives and web3 builders, who use their collective power as a community to support meaningful causes around the world, while also getting real value as members.

Our formula is Creatives + Partners + Causes = OpenMinds.

The NFTs will be released in batches, we call them Seasons, and every season will have a commercial partner and organisation we support.

The first season, The Entrepreneur is going live on auction on 13/12/2022. It features 77 unique, hand-crafted digital art pieces based on the 7 types of entrepreneurs.

100% of the proceeds from S1 will be donated to Freedom United, the world's largest community dedicated to fighting modern slavery.

The Utility:

  • Every member will have access to our members-only portal (OMS Club) full of industry-related perks and discounts.
  • Every member will receive the source file to their unique OpenMind and will be able to create their very own version. Every few months, our favourite design will win a prize, in the form of ETH.
  • Every member will be involved in the art direction of the upcoming seasons. Our co-creation process is completely inclusive. Members will be able to participate even if they're not designers or artists
  • The first 77 members (owners of S1, The Entrepreneur) will receive a guaranteed NFT from Season 2.
  • 33% of all royalties from the whole collection will be donated to causes chosen by our community.
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