Dec 01, 2022 - Dec 07, 2022
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Worms NFT for a new P2E easy Game with Breeding, Staking and Leveling. Enjoy an interesting game and earn on your own unique worms as early as December 22!

Our team is a community of NFT enthusiasts and Worms fans. We were very upset when Team17 abandoned the idea of creating a MetaWorms NFT project. Together, we decided to create our own Play-to-Earn game, with breeding and leveling. The mechanics of the game will be different, but most importantly, we will try to convey its spirit and excitement, which will be driven by the opportunity to earn on each victory.


NFT Breeding๐Ÿšธ

If you have two GEN0 worms of different genders, after starting the game, you will receive a new GEN1 worm.


There is no full staking, but even by keeping GEN0 worms, you will receive our tokens before the public launch of the game. The accumulated tokens can be spent on leveling up or sold.

Secondary Market Support๐Ÿ“ˆ

We plan to stimulate demand for NFTs after Mint through promotions and events.

Gamming NFTs๐ŸŽฎ

Each worm has certain characteristics that affect its survivability and effectiveness in melee and ranged combat. It will be possible to level up characteristics for in-game tokens. The game will have a free mode with bonus tokens for the winner and a paid mode where participants will compete for a common pot. In the paid mode, 10% of the winnings will be charged as a commission to maintain the project.

NFTs Tokenomics๐Ÿ‘›

The in-game economy will be based on Worms tokens. Their value will be maintained by burning the tokens spent on leveling up the worms. We will also partly burn tokens received as an internal commission for winnings.


Step 3 NOV 2022

Step 4 DEC 2022

Step 5 JAN 2023

Step 6 FEB 2023

Step 7 MAR-APR 2023


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