NFTinsight Lifetime Pass
NFTinsight Lifetime Pass
Nov 28, 2022 - Dec 04, 2022
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

Be the first to discover new collections before they become popular.This Pass will allow holder to access collections arranged in a variety of ways, as to say, by total sales, high price, low price, and average price with distinct sellers.You can gather valuable real-time intel about what's trending in the prices, volumes, and collections of NFT items.Discover the most valuable collection of NFT cards to mint.Get a list of collections broken down by the total number of mints, along with the highest price, the lowest price, and the number of individual minters for each collection.Check out data on sales that is updated in real time, including transaction hashes and token ids with the price.Obtain a history of prices, volumes, and collections, as well as view the latest famous trends and items.Data from real-time minting feeds, such as a transaction hash and a token id will make you viewing not only efficient but also convenient.

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