Millionaire Row NFT
Millionaire Row NFT
May 28, 2022 - Jun 04, 2022
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Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

Millionaire Row (MROW) is an NFT community that provides leadership, profitability, and value to the NFT world. As mascots and avatars in promotional materials, games, and events, our 3D-minted PFPs are 3D bunnies with charming human characteristics. When it comes to the creation of smart contracts, marketing, and events, we're all in this together at MROW.


Last month, the MROW team put forth a tremendous amount of effort to deliver the best possible artwork. We firmly think that our neighbours deserve nothing but the finest in all they do! To guarantee a perfect launch, MROW's incredible development team drew on their wealth of expertise.

There will be a 4000-spot whitelist put up by MROW. There will be a maximum purchase limit of 10 NFTs per WL slot. This will allow us to pre-register a large portion of our NFT line.

On the ERC721a standard many NFT purchases can be made at once, which saves money on gas.

After the whitelist sale, any remaining NFTs will be accessible for public minting.

Community Wallet

  • The community wallet will get 5% of all secondary NFT sales.
  • The community will elect a council that will be responsible for delivering a formal investment proposal to the founders, who will then make a final decision. As a result, the community will be able to generate more revenue.

Package Program

  • The MROW package is open to anyone who wants to participate!
  • After the mint, there will be three types of MROW packages.
  • Mint products will not be sold on the floor or dropped from the sky.


  • Our first retail line, MROW Care Packages, will be given to members who purchase three or more NFTs.


A MROW Care Package, featuring a number of $ROW tokens, will be sent to members who purchase five or more NFTs from our first range of merchandise (TBA).


A MROW Care Package from our initial line of goods, comprising a number of $ROW tokens (TBA), and one free ticket to an event of their choice, will be given to members who purchase 8 or more NFTs (excluding the very first event).

Reveal Party

June 10th 

Los Angeles, California 

As you sip on an iced beverage and listen to some of your favourite music, imagine the lovely sunset over the North Pacific Ocean. That seems really excellent, don't you think?

You won't have to look any farther since our first party has it all!

Join us for a private sunset boat sail, followed by an exhilarating rooftop party, towards the end of the night.

From our vantage point, we'll be able to see the ocean!

We'll have more information shortly!

Arrival of Merch

It's not uncommon for crowdfunding campaigns to make money through selling products! When compared to the competition, what distinguishes MROW?

Millionaire Row will release unique products twice a month.

Our newest and most popular products will be included in each new release. These things will be available to buy on our website. However, each of these objects is one-of-a-kind and will only be available for a brief period of time.

If you use our future $ROW cryptocurrency and our MROW Development Co.'s partnership with our merchandise drops, you may save money.

Profits from goods sales will be donated to the community fund at a rate of 10%.

Every month, there will be a community competition for the headlining spot! Imagine your unique NFT being positioned at the front of the MROW Clothing Co. and Millionaire ROW Brand! All user contests will be conducted on our Discord server.

Development of the Front Row Ticketing Platform

Thanks to Millionaire Row's platform, which is currently being built, NFTs will be able to be used as tickets.

With this concept, MROW isn't thinking tiny.

Front Row Tickets, our new event ticketing service, will go live on our site. We hope to sell seats on flights, vacations, athletic events, and even bus service all across the world some day. There are several ways to make money from ticket sales.

All the seats may be sold with our help! So, a place that wasn't accessible before will now have the much-needed security of two-factor authentication.

You may turn around and sell your ticket NFT on the blockchain using this ticket site.

Front Row Tickets will offer a 5% royalty that goes straight into the community's bank account after each sale.


Front Row Tickets, a subsidiary of MROW Clothing Co., will host exclusive events. The Ethereum blockchain will be used to issue and sell the tickets. Because the community wallet will get 5% of all royalties, this method will only be useful to NFT holders.

MROW Clothing Co. aims to be the leading ticketing service provider in the market. Partnership building and outreach will always be a top priority for our leading brand.

Newsletter and Podcast

Is this your first time in the NFT arena? Is it difficult for you to discover credible projects?

Please join our mailing list!

The MROW newsletter talks about NFT projects that are well-known for being honest and high-quality.

To keep you up to date on the latest NFT developments and other interesting things, we'll send out a monthly newsletter.

Podcasts are a great way to connect with your founders!

Guests will be invited to talk on a monthly basis to our MROW community in audio form.

Observe what we have to say about the next projects and people in the sector.

Not everyone should listen to this podcast.

Is this something you'd like to miss?

Tokenomics Drop

Throughout this journey, MROW wants to give back to the people who have supported us every step of the way.

The MROW token, $ROW, will be released. Our tokens will be sent to holders' wallets on a regular basis. We will return $ROW tokens (TBA) to MBC holders who registered their NFTs before March 16, 2022, which would have been the wallet lounge acceptance date for MBC holders.

Also, as a thank you, we will give MROW owners a certain number of $ROW tokens (TBA).

Tokens may be exchanged for WL for collaborations, discounts on items, serums, tickets, and many other things in the future.

You can trust us to provide the token with the most value imaginable!

P2E Game Update  

A new Play2Earn game will be revealed by MROW Game Development Co.!

The game will be accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms thanks to blockchain technology. The community wallet will receive a percentage of the proceeds from game sales.

MROW P2E will bring cash, utility, and a lot of fun to our community and others.

Women's Bunny in V2.

All members of MROW are welcome.

To put it another way, we are a community-driven initiative. Featuring a range of female bunnies, our V2 NFTs will be available soon!

We are making more female bunny NFTs so that people will want to buy more of our male rabbits.

Breading Release for Baby Bunnies (V3)

Breeding is a natural extension of having male and female rabbits.

You can breed your NFTs if you have a $ROW token, which you can get if you have both MROW male and female collections.

New Baby Bunny NFTs will be created during this procedure!

To get prizes, you must have an NFT baby bunny. If you compare these awards to their full-grown equivalents, you'll see that they are far less valuable.

P2E Game Launch

A Play2Earn game with blockchain integration will be released by MROW Game Development Co. for mobile and desktop platforms. Our community will benefit greatly from the game's revenue, usefulness, and entertainment value. The community wallet will receive a percentage of the proceeds from game sales.

Release of Branded Clothing

Please join us in welcoming MROW Clothing Co. into your wardrobe!

The goal of MROW Clothing Co. is to choose industry-leading brands so that customers may save money while shopping online with $ROW.

Clothing and accessories, for example, might all fall under the umbrella of a single brand.

MROW is also launching a clothing line of its own.

We want to show our more refined sides by making gowns, suits, formal clothes, and accessories.

Metaverse Investment and Integration

As soon as "Metamerch!" takes off, we'll be incorporating MROW clothes into it!

As a result of this, we'll be able to show off our wonderful apparel line to the whole Metaverse.

Once we've made a name for ourselves in the Metaverse, we'll start looking for land to build a RabbitHole where players may rent and generate in-game content. So that they may profit, we're going to let them implement microtransactions in their games and content!


Millionaire Row has a long-term commitment to the NFT and crypto communities.

As the company's founders,


We're committed to staying on the cutting edge of innovation and establishing our name as a trusted resource for all of our company's future activities. 


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