Imago-Dei Peace Movement Collection
Imago-Dei Peace Movement Collection
May 29, 2022 - Jun 05, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

Each of the Imago Dei, Latin for "the image of God," in the Imado-Dei Peace Movement collection is unique. Each image in the collection has its own unique traits and attributes, yet they all share the colors and silhouette elements that reflect the entire human family as it is seen in the face of Christ. There are no two photographs that are precisely identical.

On the Ethereum blockchain, a single person may claim ownership of every single Imago-Dei. Mike Bethune alias SugarShack, is a US military veteran who has overcome homelessness, despair, addiction, and suicidal thoughts. He is the driving force behind the Imado-Dei peace movement. 

My brokenness did not deter strangers of all nationalities, races, and socioeconomic levels from welcoming me and showing me love when I was homeless. These actions of kindness and goodwill, as a result, I saw as the most accurate depiction of the Imago-Dei, God's image in action.

Rather than seeing my experience as an isolated incident, I viewed it as a microcosm of how people may help one another without regard to the superficial standards that are commonly used to evaluate, label, and harm others. If we could somehow peel back the face of Christ, we'd realize that God is in us all. It helped me believe this. Once this reality is recognized, embraced, and lived out, I think it has the potential to bring about world peace.

In the end, these events were the spark for my ultimate healing and the realization of my life's purpose and meaning. Because of this experience, I decided to return to school and have now acquired three degrees, all of which have to do with helping people in some manner. I've been trying to make a difference in people's lives for well over two decades now, and I'm still doing my best.

Despite the fact that I am a devout Christian, the Imago-Dei peace movement does not promote any one religion or denomination. Bringing peace to the globe is a matter of everyone doing their share to spread unconditional kindness and love.

As a result, it's important to see the humanity in others, irrespective of where they are on life's spectrum. As humans, we try our best to organize our lives, but at any given moment, life occurs! Allowing ourselves to be affected and moved by the suffering of other humans is what this is all about.

Owning an Imago-Dei NFT is a great way to start a branch of the movement inside your own circle of influence, and this is what the goal and cause are all about. So, in a way, you are deputized and equipped with the authority to empower others to do the same, allowing you to make a bigger impact on the world. Aside from the fact that you become part of a worldwide network of people who are devoted to random acts of kindness, it also makes you part of an international movement.

There is no financing or support behind the Imago-Dei peace movement or the NFT collection from venture capitalists. Because of the aid of others, I have achieved great things and helped many others do the same. In addition to being an inspiring self-help author and speaker, I am also a community activist, a workshop developer, and a workshop facilitator.

I'm a newcomer to the NFT community, and I'm hoping to make connections with others who share my desire to be a part of a worldwide movement that has a meaningful impact. People have been looking for ways and opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of other people and, as a result, to bring more peace and harmony into the world.

Having that in mind, feel free to look around the site and pick out your favorite Imago-Dei NFT for when we debut on the OpenSea platform on Sunday, May 29, 2022!

And don't forget to follow us on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram as we grow the movement. To stay up-to-date on our latest releases, physical and online movement events and training, and to connect with others in the IDPM community, follow us on social media.

In addition, IDMP NFT users may expect Mike to conduct live empowerment and motivational workshops from time to time.

As a final thank you for reading all of this and learning about the NFT movement, let the revolution begin! Mike Bethune, better known as SugarShack.

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