Genesis Dori Free Drop
Genesis Dori Free Drop
Jan 25, 2023 - Jan 31, 2023
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

We are excited to announce that our team is working tirelessly to bring you an amazing project featuring our working robots. We are focused on building a strong brand and a house of brands centered around Dori. Our goal is to create a recognizable name and business that represents our "Street Samurai" community. We plan to explore the depths of modern-day/futuristic Street Samurai Lore, which can expand into various avenues. Clans/Factions of these "Street Samurai" will start to form and become fluent within the House of Dori. Our plans include developing the Metaverse, Merchandise, House of Dori, Clans/Factions, and more. We are hiring a Lore Writer, Outside Designer, Video and 3D Artists, and vetting website development companies to create an interactive website that houses a gallery and more for the Dori Brand. This website should be scalable for all Dori brands and future generations. We are working on internal and external graphics to allow for the community to share on social media platforms. We are also creating marketing materials for all. Our team is working on a Dori Brand logo that is representative of our brand as a whole and is globally recognizable. We are securing and continuing to work on large-scale partnerships that will be beneficial to our community and brand. We are vetting out top Contract Development companies for Gen 2 and beyond to ensure the contract is flawless and adaptable and future-proofed for scalability within our ecosystem. Specific and very unique requirements and contract functions will be needed, so only the top teams are in the running. We are working with top-tier projects for Gen 2 collaborations and marketing pushes. Art is continually being worked on for Gen 2 with a focus on AI Hybrid unique traits and metadata that hasn't been seen before in the space. We are expanding our community team/ambassadors and working with heavy investors in the project to gather resources and partnerships. We want to reiterate that owning Gen 1 will always act as a Genesis Pass for all future Artwork and drops in the Dori Brand.


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