E-Loona WL Sale 500
E-Loona WL Sale 500
Aug 27, 2022 - Sep 03, 2022
Blockchain: Elrond Elrond

E-Loona is an exciting new NFT project that has arrived on the Elrond Blockchain. With 2500 NFTs in its collection, each sporting a unique manga and anime-inspired style, it is an amazing addition to the NFT world. In fact, you can get more details on this project by checking out the whitepaper. The main goal of E-Loona is to create a passive income for holders by utilizing Helium Hotspot Mining. This unique feature means that not only will you have a fantastic NFT to add to your collection, but you will also have the potential to earn additional income with it.


Explanation of the Key Terms


NFTs are digital assets that use blockchain technology to authenticate their ownership and provenance. They can be used to represent a wide range of digital and physical assets, from art and music to real estate and collectibles.

Elrond Blockchain

Elrond is a fast, secure, and efficient blockchain platform designed for the new internet economy. It employs a unique Adaptive State Sharding mechanism that enables the network to process transactions in parallel, achieving high throughput and low latency. Elrond's native token is EGLD, and it is used for transaction fees and as a means of payment. Elrond has a robust DeFi ecosystem with several decentralized applications built on its blockchain, including stablecoins, decentralized exchanges, and lending platforms.


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