Dodger NFT & Metaverse Whitelist Presale
Dodger NFT & Metaverse Whitelist Presale
May 25, 2022 - Jun 01, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

It's only for people who really want to find an upcoming NFT Gem. The whitelist presale for Dodger NFT and Metaverse tickets will go live on May 25, 2022. Even the most dedicated and engaged members can mint up to three Dodger NFTs of any rarity with a 20% discount.

The Ethereum Blockchain will be used to mint 8,888 Dodgers. Because of its incredibly powerful and extremely uncommon utility, the collection's price will almost certainly rise in the near future. However, Dodger's team is working on various online paid services for NFT artists, innovators and project owners.

Each and every NFT holder has the right to vote and own legitimate shares in all of Dodger's companies. The Dodger's smart contract will automatically disburse 80 percent of the earnings to all holders.


If you want to participate in any NFT project on Ethereum's blockchain, you may use the Dodger NFT Marketplace. Finally, if you want to participate in the Dodger Metaverse with many decentralized services, you can use Dodger Machine (a paid tool for mass-producing and minting NFTs).

The Dodger NFT minting price is influenced by the coin's rarity. There are four Dodger divisions:

Lucky Dodger: 

4,300 NFTs are emitted; 

Price of 0.033 ETH; 

Shareholder with a stake of 0.005% in the company.

Advanced Dodger: 

Production of 2,500 NFTs; 

Price of 0.053 ETH; 

0.008 percent ownership of the company

Golden Dodger:

The emission of 1,700 NFTs;

Price of 0.074 ETH; 

Ownership of 0.012% of the company.

Magic Dodger: 

The emission of 388 NFTs; 

Price of 0.289 ETH; 

Ownership of 0.052% of the company.

Take part in the best NFT project of 2022 by following Dodger on Discord and Twitter, and by visiting the website.

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