DAREDVL Founders Club
DAREDVL Founders Club
Dec 01, 2022 - Dec 07, 2022
Blockchain: Solana Solana

The Founders' Community is a revolutionary concept that is set to redefine the relationship between brands and their customers. By giving members a voice in the brand's decision-making process, DAREDVL is truly committed to its customers' needs and wants. With only 50 tokens available for purchase, members of the community will enjoy a range of benefits that extend beyond just buying clothes. As a token holder, you'll be part of a moderated community where you can engage with other investors and discuss the design and release of the next collection of clothing. The design team members from DAREDVL will be present to ensure that the discussion is organized and leads to a collection of clothing that reflects the community's input. Once approved, token holders will receive the designed items at a largely discounted rate. Moreover, holding a token will give members a lifetime 20% discount on any item within the store. The community will also enjoy exclusive product giveaways and item releases not available to non-members. As the community grows, profits from item sales will increase, drawing more attention to the brand and increasing the value of the digital founders' club tokens, which serve as NFTs that can be resold as collectors' items for a profit. All in all, the Founders' Community is an exciting opportunity to be part of a brand that values its customers' input and is committed to delivering the best possible products.


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NFTs are essentially digital certificates of authenticity that prove ownership and uniqueness of a particular asset, such as art, music, or even tweets. They are stored on blockchain technology, which provides a transparent and secure way of verifying ownership and preventing fraud.


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