May 27, 2022 - Jun 03, 2022
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Blockchain: Solana Solana

Solana is home to a private series of 4,027 CycloBros.

Traders and a single artist A foundation for environmental rescue will receive 20% of the proceeds.

Come and be a part of our group:


It is possible for investors to adjust these prices by changing the project's economic system, which will set prices for each level.

Standard floor price:

 Pre-sale (#1 - #100): 0.1 SOL

 Level 1 (#101 - #200): 0.15 SOL

There will be a 20% increase in difficulty for all levels after level 2. (100NFTs will be used on all levels.).

Another approach to raising the price is by allowing community members to take a stake in its financial success.

If you take into account that a level does not have an exact sale time due to community growth, monthly auctions will be held during each level, and when all NFTs have been auctioned off, the average sale price (level) will be used as the current floor price (level) for the next one, so 20% of that average sale will be used. In this approach, the public may have a say in how much the following tier will cost.

We've got a whitepaper on our site that you may read:

Road Map

1% - 25% = Create a community on social media and hold giveaways.

25% - 50% = Putting in place an economic system; making a minimum donation of $800 to the foundation; and preparing for and releasing the collection.

50% - 75% = Create new services using the social system, and then resell the initial collection. The first 50 people to complete the level 10 milestone will get a free set of 50 CycloBros.

75% - 100% = Use profits from a second collection to fund your charitable efforts indefinitely.

While this isn't the work of Bored Ape or Cryptopunk, the new CycloBros collection has a fresh idea and a great purpose.

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