9,999 Neckless Neighbors
9,999 Neckless Neighbors
Aug 08, 2022 - Aug 15, 2022
Marketplace: Magic Eden Magic Eden
Blockchain: Solana Solana

These aren't your typical neighborhood youngsters! The children in the neighborhood are acting strangely. The only thing we know for sure is that there are 9,999 of them, and they're doing something bad. The only other thing to mention is that they lack a neck.


$5000 giveaway

If you collect three NFTs, your name will be entered into a drawing for $5,000. We'll reveal the winner as soon as we've sold all 3,333 Neighbors!

There's no need to sit around and wait. It seems like these Neighbors have a thing for partying!

There are actual occurrences from all across the world. Could it be in your area? Also, it's possible that a few events will be crashed as a result of our efforts.

Neckless drip

Without dressing like us, you can't call yourself one of us. Because of this, the dopest drip will be released. We may not have necks, but we sure do have a wild sense of style.

Returning to the hood

We'd want to contribute back to the city! Young hustlers need money, and we're here to help them out! We intend to give something back to the neighborhood. We're all hustlers, so join us!


Total Neighbors: 9,999

Blockchain: Solana

Mint price: TBA

Launchpad: Magic Eden

Mp's: me & os

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