Solbnb NFT
Solbnb NFT
Jun 19, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022
Blockchain: Solana Solana

Supply: TBD

Mint price: TBD

Mint date: TBD

Solbnb is a vacation and event rental business run by its users. Shares of the firm are available to those who own SolBNB. Solbnb NFT gives you access to things like the Dao, staking, raffles, and alpha, among other things.

Our organization is owned and operated by the local community. We have a fantastic framework, but every choice is ultimately determined by the group as a whole. Let the good times roll! Our experience in the short-term rental market spans five years. We have made money from the beginning in the vacation rental industry with our partners. Now that we have accumulated so much, we think it would be amusing to divide it up amongst ourselves. Hold tight, we're the pioneers in this field. We are going to start a new trend!

Mint OG free whitelist access:

1. Required to be a Twitter follower of @solbnbnft.

2. You should RT the pinned tweet from @solbnbnft.

3. Invite two friends to follow @solbnbnft on Twitter.

4. Joining Solbnbnft's Discord is a must.

5. Please add at least one new member to our Discord server.

6. Document your findings on the Solbnb Discord.

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