Of Spirit & Magic
Of Spirit & Magic
Jun 15, 2022 - Jun 22, 2022
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Freeshype's creative journey and a menagerie of African women in their strength combine in "Of Spirit & Magic."


This is a book, and each piece of art represents a page. This is a story about women who believe in themselves and in their own strength. In this universe, there are five families, all led by matriarchs. It also shows what could happen to persecuted and killed minorities in Africa and the rest of the world if nothing is done.

The prints I've created for this collection are the first of their kind, and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy them. I want all of us to live in a world where magic and spirituality coexist.


In total, there are nine pieces of art available; including four signed print editions, one giveaway, and one super-exclusive. Buy for as little as 0.05 $ETH.

  • Jemima, the free - 0.05 x 20 Editions.
  • Emem, the one with herself - 0.1 x 15 Editions.
  • Nari, the dancer - 0.25 x 10 Editions.
  • Wanjiru, the wisp - 0.3 x 10 Editions with signed prints as an option (locale dependent)
  • Sasa, the mage - 0.4. x 8 Editions with signed prints as an option (locale dependent)
  • Yewubda, the wanton - 0.3 x 10 Prints that have been signed (locale dependent)


She, the universe, has selected x30 winners.


x10 copies of Nyanpue, the mother, each one signed by the artist.

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