NFT World of Fingerz
NFT World of Fingerz
Jul 30, 2022 - Aug 06, 2022
Blockchain: Tezos Tezos

The Fingerz NFT universe is a PFP collection of ten thousand generative NFTs that are going to be added to the Tezos blockchain.

The project will go through a "Minting" stage for a predetermined amount of time, during which all users will have the opportunity to obtain unknown pieces. When this part of the process is complete, all the puzzle pieces will be shown automatically.

There are a total of ten thousand individual pieces included in the whole collection. With the number of characteristics that we now have, we have the potential to produce millions of unique items; however, the cost of production and storage prevents us from doing so.

Fingerz is broken up into a series of stages that can be repeated so that everyone can take part in all of it.

We have set up a reward system that will give bountiful hunters rewards if they are able to collect a certain number of outlaw Fingerz.

Rarity is determined not only by the presence of "traits," but also by parity, with the wanted missions adding to the effect.

Early bird special: 1 tz

Offer to the public: 3 tz

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