Legacy Leaders NFT
Legacy Leaders NFT
Mar 31, 2022 - Apr 07, 2022
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum


ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain are used to hold 10,000 individual Legacy Leaders, each of whom is empowered by real estate, community and legacy building.


Images from one of the best female comic book illustrators, Siya Oum. Marvel, DC, and Aspen are just a few of the competitors.


It is our hope that our first real estate empowerment initiative through the NFT will help a group of like-minded people create a lasting legacy.

The ability to learn about investments and real estate on a private platform. Find out how we do things.

Membership in a community-driven NFT DAO that supports women-led NFT initiatives and provides members with Metaverse virtual real estate property. Our Legacy Leaders will be in charge of running the show. Smart contracts let members have a vote in the Legacy Leaders DAO's lifetime.

The first NFT/REI Nashville Conference will be open to anybody who has completed NFT in phase 1. A gathering of the world's leading Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Real Estate Investment experts will be held during the conference.

A place where people help one another out: Donations to women's homeless shelters will be made from the sale of this album's tracks.

Efforts to help others.

Phase 2 drop access: 


Investing in real estate and NFTs go hand in hand in this NFT crash. People who own NFTs that meet certain requirements can join a real estate investment fund that is formed as a legal entity under U.S. Securities Law, which protects them from liability when they invest money.

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