Jun 25, 2022 - Jul 02, 2022

IguVerse is a novel social-network game that uses Blockchain technology to facilitate interaction amongst pet owners. Get an NFT pet and compete against other players to win prizes for using social media regularly.

Interesting news may become viral on social media platforms. Many popular social media games have been developed for platforms like Facebook and others, with users shelling out significant sums to participate in the games and engage with their peers. As a consequence of the recent partnership between Instagram and TrustWallet, IguVerse will be completely compatible with newly announced features, such as allowing NFT owners to post their artwork directly in the platform. Our concept's major strength is that players will work together and engage via social media, driving up the game's popularity and demand. Complex player-owned economies that recognize and reward high-level play are now possible because of blockchain technology's economic architecture.

Social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram will serve as the virtual playgrounds for this updated version of the classic game of hide-and-seek. The game is played in rounds, with one player "hiding" his pet's unique code in a story or post while the others race to find and enter the code. The searchers will compete for prizes based on how quickly they complete the challenges.

How to play

  • You may either obtain NFT from your pet or purchase a virtual one.
  • Generate a unique Pet ID.
  • Discuss it with the people in your audience.
  • Make it possible for other players to locate your pet.
  • Look for additional unique Pet ID codes.
  • Interact with other players, take part in competitions, and use social media.
  • Enjoy the benefits of our token.

In our game, each and every character has their own set of stats. The amount of reward that a Player is eligible to get for completing certain activities will be determined by their stats. Our whitepaper has a more in-depth overview of the gameplay mechanisms than what can be found here.

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