Fengu: Mint Live
Fengu: Mint Live
Apr 16, 2022 - Apr 23, 2022
Marketplace: CNFT CNFT
Blockchain: Cardano Cardano

We have 5,555 handcrafted NFTs that are brought to life by our story-based narrative.

The four elements of the Metaverse have been asked to help make a very important decision about Fengu's future.

We were influenced by Japanese anime art and design to develop a whimsical, chibi aesthetic. Our in-house artist, Shumu, came up with the cell-shaded images that helped us bring our story to life.

  • It is a community-driven NFT project with some role-playing and fantasy aspects included in the design process. By combining the team's aesthetic abilities with a deep history and legend, we want to build a reputation for ourselves in the NFT community.
  • The DAO Vault holds 75% of weekly royalties, which are distributed based on the outcome of a vote.
  • Priority on fair and equitable distribution, with a token quantity of 5,555 and a mint price of 50 ADA.
  • An invitation into our inner sanctum: we grant VIP access to any and all upcoming projects we release.
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