Blockdeed NFT - Whitelist Registration
Blockdeed NFT - Whitelist Registration
Jun 06, 2022 - Jun 13, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum Ethereum

An NFT for the Global Real Estate Community has been launched by BlockDeed.

Be a part of a worldwide real estate blockchain platform by signing up for our whitelist now.

Experts in the real estate business work with major developers all over the world to give members access to thousands of commission-paying properties that are ready to be advertised to potential buyers.

Members of the NFT Blockdeed can: 

  • Sell luxury properties from all over the world and earn a commission.
  • The private dashboard allows you to keep tabs on the sales of real estate and the commissions that have been paid out.
  • Directly market properties to potential buyers or put them up for sale on social media sites.
  • Place real estate listings on the BLOCKDEED Marketplace.
  • Our in-app message area makes it easy to communicate with developers and other real estate experts.
  • Assign a unique URL to their Web3 real estate brand, such as the website ""
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